NewScrapbooking idea :
personalized cards

Using various materials...
scrapbooking card materials
and some scrapbooking techniques, you can make a personalized card.
scrapbooking techniques card
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The base : a rectangular card cut from a yellow/beige cardstock folder.

  • Clip the two outside corners with a little punch.
  • Choose two paper sheets in contrasting colors to be pasted to this surface: a light green or beige striped sheet and a sheet of light green vellum stamped with leaves and flowers.
  • To highlight the contrasts, tear, don't cut the vellum paper.
  • Using this vellum paper, practise your embossing with a heart shape, using a stencil and leaning on a glass surface.
  • Also stick on a gold metallic sticker : color the raised part with metallic felt tip pens.
  • Paste a raised, button-shaped sticker on two, round-edged squares (which match the card's colors and are positioned in a diamond shape to make the link between the different cards and colors).
Close-up of "heart" embossing
scrapbooking card idea
Ink stamp letters card The letters of your message :

  • are created using stamps and cardstock cut into little rectangles.
  • A raised effect is achieved using adhesive 3D foam squares.