Customizing a small lamp

We start off with a simple lamp which can be easily customized with a few Swarovski crystal rhinestones and scrapbooking-style decorations.
You will need:
  • a lamp: with stand and lamp-shade
  • a decoration for a curtain pole (the part attaching the decoration to the pole has been removed)
  • some 5mm crystal rhinestones (Swarovski product reference: SS20)
  • 10 Light Siam (red) rhinestones
  • 10 Topaz (amber-orange) rhinestones
  • a roll of orange crepe-look adhesive Rainbow Tape™
  • Butterfly-themed Magic-Motifs (we used 8)
  • 2 sheets of velvet-feel flock transfer paper (red and yellow)
light with rhinestones
customizing a light with rhinestones
Step 1 Gradually unwind the crepe-look tape, placing it 0.6 inches from the bottom of the lampshade.
customizing a small lamp
Step 2 Place the Butterfly Magic-motifs half-way up the lampshade in a regularly spaced-out manner (without lining them up in rows), alternating between the 2 colors. See how to stick on Magic-Motifs and create a velvet-feel effect
customizing a light
Step 3 Glue on the rhinestones all over the upper part of the lampshade (about 0.6 inches from the top of the lampshade), either using glue for rhinestones, or, if they are hotfix-type rhinestones, with an hotfix electric applicator tool. Avoid lining them up in regular rows. See how to glue rhinestones on
Glueing on rhinestones
Step 4 Glue the rhinestones on the metal decorative object and fix it to the lamp stand (by passing some brass wire through the lamp's base (which is made from rope) ).