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revamping a scrubbing brush

Revamped brush
We're going to give this brush a stylish look... No matter that it's a scrubbing brush, being useful won't stop it from having a look with plenty of character to it! This is an easy-to-customize design on a unfinished wood brush.

you will need

  • a stiff-hair brush in unfinished wood (we can use an old, second-hand brush)
  • mosaic tiles and mini-tiles in shades of mauve and pink
  • general purpose adhesive in a tube
  • texture effect/modeling paste
  • a little violet and white paint

Painting the brush

brush painted violet
The entire wooden part of the brush must be painted violet first (this means that the little joins between the mosaic tiles will be colored in). Add a second coat of paint to the sides of the brush.

Glueing the mosaic tiles on

Glueing on the mosaic tiles
Apply a line of glue to the edge of the brush and along the curved part of the brush. Glue on a line of mosaic tiles, tightly packed together.
Glueing on rows of mosaic tiles
Keep on like this over 2 rows, alternating between colors. The rows end when the curves they are following make it impossible to add any further square-shaped tiles.

Creating a 3D effect

Modeling paste applied to the brush
Using a thin palette knife, spread a generous layer of texture effect/modeling paste on the upper side of the brush that is not covered by mosaic tiles. With a sharp-pointed tool, draw little spirals in the paste: this creates a pretty design. Without waiting for the paste to dry, add on little mini mosaic tiles in matching colors.
An extremely mauve brush
Using a fine-tipped paintbrush, paint the texture effect/modeling paste once it's dried (which is pretty quick), in a lighter shade of violet, whilst also leaving a few hollows in a "white paste" shade to emphasize the 3D effect. Take care not to paint over the mosaic tiles! Once the paint is dry, the brush can be used... time to get to work!