Paper napkins collage

Paper napkin applique or decoupage is a fun technique to learn for kids, and allows adults to create such great ornaments.
Paper napkins collage : the different stages
  • Pick your backing material. Paint first if desired. The tray on the right, for example, was painted to match the motifs in the napkin, imagine it like the flower petals had just fallen there...
  • Using scissors, cut out a design from a napkin.
  • Paste up the area where the design will be fixed with a paintbrush.
paper napkins collage
  • With a brush well loaded with paste, fix the motif, pressing on the center first then the sides.
  • Let dry.
  • For protection and for an even 'look', apply a second layer of adhesive varnish with the brush, then another...

Useful to know! Carefully cut out the design you want to stick. Peel away the second layer of paper. Remember, some napkins are 3-ply, keep only the decorated sheet.

Combining paper napkin collage and painting on wood and with stencils......

The sides of the wooden box are first worked with a wood chisel to remove the corners.
Apply light green paint to the sides and top of the box, dark green to the upper projection, the base and the side of the lid.
Apply white paint with a cloth. On the light green background, keep on until you have a non-uniform effect. On the dark green, therefore the areas worked by chisel, the white will show up the different textures and depths, creating a marbled effect.
Using a plastic rule or the side of a stencil (wash after each use), paint a light green line down the projecting upper piece.
Stick on the paper motifs you've cut out. On the projecting piece, cover the green line with ivy 'leaves' at various points.
Using a stencil, paint on dark green squares.
varnish all over with glue-varnish
paper napkin decoration
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paper napkin decoration
So this box can be used for storing food products, we've left the inside untouched.

A step by step guide: a jewelry box
Paper napkin collage After dusting the box, paint all over (including the inside, for when the box is opened up...) in the one color.
Paper napkin collage Apply white paint using a cloth and smudge immediately once applied, again with the cloth.
Carefully cut out motifs from paper napkins. Try out various positions for your cut-outs before pasting.
Glue the cut-outs, pasting from the center out.
Decorate the box sides with white paint and a small stencil or paintbrush.
Paper napkin collage
Varnish the whole object at least twice more.

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