Mobile for child's bedroom

Wood mobile for child's bedroom
Here's a mobile that you can paint in soft shades that will brighten up these hanging adhesive wooden animal shapes, which you can also paint. This decoration is perfect for a baby's bedroom, the bathroom or hanging above the baby changing table...

materials needed

  • Here are MDF shapes for painting
  • thread ( fishing line, wool, butcher's twine ...)
  • 2 sticks ( I used wooden skewers or chopsticks)
  • paint (acrylic paint or gouache) in three different, but matching shades that go with the color scheme of the bedroom or room being decorated
MDF adhesive shapes
painting shapes to hang up
Painting MDF shapes
With the help of the thread or twine, tie the 2 skewers/chopsticks together so that they form a stable cross shape. I've chosen a cross design for the mobile, but you can also make mobiles arranged in a simple line pattern. Remember to let a long piece of thread hang down. This will be used attach the mobile to the ceiling when it's finished.
Getting the mobile ready
Hanging the shapes on the mobile
Thread the thread into an embroidery needle (a blunt-tipped needle to ensure you don't prick yourself) or a beading needle. With the help of the needle, pass the thread through the hole in the wooden shape. Attach the shapes to the cross, hanging them at different levels but making sure the mobile is properly balanced.
This design was thought up by Karine from the online store Moryan Décoration,
where you can find design ideas in the shape of letters in wood or metal, already painted or ready-to-paint