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Making a felted flower brooch

Making a brooch in carded woolHere's a pretty flower to make into a brooch or to sew on. You can embellish it by embroidering it or sewing on beads.

  • Red felting wool
  • Black felting wool
  • felting needle
  • Needle felting foam pad.

Making the back of the flower.

Carded wool feltingTake a thick piece of red wool, forming a square about 6 x 6 inches.(photo 1) With the felting needle, start punching along a line in the center of the square to mesh the fibers together. The felting begins. This punched area becomes flatter and hard. Fold the piece of wool in 2 and punch a line in the middle as described in the previous paragraph. (photo 2). Fold in two again ( photo 3). Next, work over the entire surface of the wool, punching a little bit everywhere to lightly mesh the fibers together.

Forming the back of the flower

Flower brooch in carded wool: the shaping processHold one side of the square (photo 4) and punch with the needle punch to consolidate the wool. Do the same to the other 3 sides. (Photo 5) Punch  the outline of the shape thoroughly to create good, well-defined edges (photo 6). Turn the wool over and punch the entire surface to obtain a well-felted object.

The petals

Making flower petals in carded woolTake a thick piece of wool about 3.1 x 1.2 inches. Start punching along the middle to mesh the fibers together and then fold the piece of wool in two (photos 1 and 2). Punch along the fold to mesh the fibers together (photo 3). Lightly fold over the edges of the petals and punch. You want to start creating a pointed tip to the petal (photo 4) Punch all over upon both sides of the petal in order to obtain a well-felted petal (photo 5).

The center of the flower

Flower center in carded woolTake a thick piece of wool the size of an orange (photo 1). Shape it into a long, thinnish piece and begin to gently punch it lengthways to mesh the fibers together. Fold the piece of wool in two (photo 2). Roll the wool (photo 3), punching it so as to create a ball (photo 3). Roll the ball with the palm of your hand.

Putting the flower together

Flower brooch in carded wool: putting the flower togetherTake the 2 petals and cut them in two (photo 1). Punch the edges where they were cut, just a little, so as to consolidate the fibers. Fasten each petal to the center of the back part of the flower by punching it with the needle punch (photos 2 and 3). Punch the center part of the flower to the middle of the flower. Punch well all around the outside of the flower center to consolidate the fibers. (photo 4). And we have our flower (photo 5). You may now sew on beads or embroider the petals to continue decorating your flower, before turning it into a brooch by sewing on a brooch clasp to the back of the flower.