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customizing with rhinestones

Customizing with rhinestones lets you add a personal touch to your USB flash drive, cellphone, spectacles, clock or computer, all sorts of customized looks are possible with rhinestones!
Disco diva colors that match the ring tone!
The cellphone, which is a very personal item if ever there was one,  is easy to customize to reflect its owner's personality... Pulling petals off a daisy... he loves me, he loves me not...
A very Spring-like cellphone camera...
USB flash drives, have become must-haves in order to exchange and transfer digitally-stored data - with customization, they can become real little items of jewelry!
customizing spectaclesSpectacle frames may also be subtly personalized : and thus a mass-produced item becomes unique!
A big red heart to wear on your sleeve...or your USB flash drive!
Even your computer screen can get in on the act! If you simply want to see the effect that the rhinestones can offer (or if you don't own the computer in question), just use a very small amount of adhesive putty (e.g blu-tack or Elmer's tack) on the back of each rhinestone: they can then be removed if need be, without leaving behind any trace of their presence... customizing a computer screen
decorate a clock with rhinestones A glass clock is decorated all over with rhinestones with ease, using anhotfix electric applicator tool When customization spells out love! Rhinestone heart
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