Indiana Jones craft design and game

Thanks to the recent arrival on the big screen of the 4th film in the series, children can now discover the adventures of Indiana Jones, already familiar to their parents...They just love this world of hidden treasure, riddles and action! Put on your hat and leather jacket and get ready to make a treasure map drawn on stones, to be hidden later in the unexplored reaches of the garden...!
Indiana Jones explorer's map craft design
material for explorer's craft design
To make this craft design-game, you will need: -one or more large, smooth stones, of the type found on the beach, one or more smaller pebbles, multi-surface felt-tip pens.

The stone treasure map

Drawing up the stone map
Firstly, wash the stone and leave it to dry. Meanwhile, draw a draft of the map on some rough paper. Use special felt-tip pens or markers for different surfaces (wood, porcelain etc) to draw with. Don't forget to draw on a compass so you don't get lost!

Gold nuggets

The treasure: a stone in gold
Wash and dry the smaller pebbles as well. Next, using a paintbrush, paint them with yellow gouache paint (place them on a plastic cap so that the paint dries as quickly as possible).

Finally we can play at being explorers!

... by hiding, then digging up the stone maps and the gold nuggets from the buried treasure...
Secret map on stone craft designBury or dig up the treasureTreasure map craft design

Parchment-look treasure map

treasure map on parchment
In order to make a treasure map that looks like an old, rolled-up parchment, you will need to: roughly cut out a white sheet of paper,  burn the edges of the sheet (an adult must be present for this stage) with a candle, dip the paper in a saucer containing some tea (depending on the strength of the tea, the color of the map will be darker or lighter), set the paper out flat to dry, draw on details on the map with ordinary felt-tip pens or a pen filled with india ink for an even more realistic look!