"Happy New Year" card decorated with beads

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to make a very easy but very original card to wish people a very Happy New Year, featuring a window and a design made of beads, to be given as a gift, with the card containing a little piece of jewelry.

You will need:

happy new year card decorated with beads


  • decorative-edged scissors
  • a craft paper punch
 Scrapbooking Happy New Year card
Step 1 Cut out the four numbers for the year (they must be just a little smaller than each of the card's window-squares).
Making a Happy New Year card
Step 2 Place the solid-color sheet inside the card (the colored side will be visible through the windows): this sheet must therefore be smaller than the card itself and you must cut a 0.4 inch border from this sheet using the decorative-edged scissors. Fix the sheet to the card with a little glue.
Card with 3D window effect
Step 3 The border that was cut out is stuck to the left of the window-squares to create a trompe l'oeil effect... The windows are removed from their 'frames' (keep one for later on). To the back of each of the year's numbers, glue on 4 double-sided adhesive foam pads, these will enable you to create a  3D collage effect with the numbers inside the windows.
Crystal beads design card
Step 4 The piece of bead jewelry is hung from the card using a piece of paper cut from one of the remaining windows, which in turn is held tight by four 3D adhesive foam pads. This allows the piece of jewelry to be fastened to the card without damaging it. It's also easy for the person receiving the card to remove the jewelry from the card. [espace-pub-carre-rouge]
Making a Happy New Year card
Step 5 Using a craft paper punch, cut out stars from the transparent, discreetly patterned sheet, then stick them to the card's front cover – this will go well with the bead design theme
Your card is ready to give! [More crystal beads designs]
Here's another place to put the bead design: in the card itself by making an opening in the card's front cover. The star shape is cut out using FiskarsShape Cutter.
Bead design cardMaking a card with a bead design
The store Arts and craft supplies has cardstock, glue, craft knives and shape templates on offer...