Halloween witch made from Fimo clay

Halloween witch figurine made from fimo
If you're sensitive, look away! Making the witch, body part by body part, could scare off even the more hardened amongst us! This Fall-look witch is completely made from Fimo modeling clay. It's a Halloween craft design for kids, assisted by an adult (Fimo clay is only for children aged 8 and over).


  • Fimo Sahara clay (n°070)
  • Fimo Glitter purple (n°602)
  • Fimo Copper (n°027)
  • Fimo Black (n°009)
  • a very small amount of Fimo Metallic/glitter gold (n°112)
  • a large wooden stick (wooden skewer) and 2 small cocktail sticks
  • aluminum foil

Step-by-step guide

fimo clay pumpkin
The larger pieces (body, head, legs and the pumpkin) are made from a ball of tightly-packed aluminum foil to which a layer of Fimo clay in one color has been applied.
Make sure that the head/body/pumpkin are all in proportion to each other (it has to be said that a big head on a witch gives her a more fun look). Cover the pumpkin in clay (except for the top part, which will be hidden by the dress) and mark out the pumpkin's different sections.
creating the figurine's body
Stick a cocktail stick into the pumpkin (without pushing through to the other side!).
Fix the body onto this stick. Add on a piece of solid-color Fimo glitter purple clay, creating folds in the dress. Make a roll of Fimo Glitter Purple for the arm, stick it to the dress, marking out the elbow.
To the very end of the arm, add a little 'flower-shaped' hand in Fimo Sahara. If the hand needs to grip a cocktail 'broomstick', add the hand before baking the figure.
Make the shawl collar out of Fimo Black clay. It will need to be given a 'folded' look and should cover the upper arm. Tiny petals in glitter gold clay, arranged three at a time, decorate the shawl.
Why not add a bow tie?
NB: don't forget the fastening! Unless your witch is in a sitting position, you need to make something from which to hang it before the baking stage, a piece of bent steel wire pushed into the aluminum foil ball at the back will work well (the fimo clay witch, once it's baked, is very light.)
making the legs out of aluminum foil and polymer clay
To make the legs: cover the aluminum foil leg shapes with sand-colored fimo clay, then add on some elegant shoes. Use a small cocktail stick to fix each leg to the body, the upper part of the legs are hidden under the dress.
The ball of aluminum foil that makes up the head is pushed onto the cocktail stick until it comes to the shawl, then it's covered with a layer of Sahara clay (make sure your hands are clean before you start working with a light-colored clay).

The face, then the hair is formed... create the strands one by one, sticking them to the Sahara Fimo clay. There's no need to add on hair to the areas where the hat would cover it up. Next add the Glitter Purple Fimo clay hat (which may be made on top of a small ball of aluminum foil) then add the ribbon in the same color.
Back view of the witch's head
Wait until the figure is baked (at 130°C/266°F in the oven for about 20 minutes) before drawing on the eyes, eyebrows and mouth using a fine-tipped acrylic marker pen. Then apply make-up to the cheeks (using real make-up).
The 'made-up' witch - head
Fimo clay dragon
Here are some other figurines in Yannick's gallery "Fimo clay figurines" where you can find explanations about how he makes figurines in polymer clay, with the help of glue... figurines that you'd almost believe were alive.
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