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Easter templates, stencils and coloring pages

Easter craft design
Here are some coloring pages to print out, together with templates and stencils for your Easter arts and craft designs. Making these home-made decorations will help you celebrate Easter. Arts and craft designs for the very young to cut out and color in... Click upon the templates/coloring pages to print them out.
easter eggs coloring pages
Different Easter eggs for coloring in, each one has their own distinct look!
easter hen template/stencil
Easter hen template/stencil
This coloring page/craft design is based on the theme of a chick hatching from its egg:
template for Easter chick and eggshell
the chick hatches from its shell
Print out the template shown opposite. You will need to cut out two copies of the eggshell shape. The chick shape is cut out just once. Color in the 2 eggshell shapes and then the chick. Staple the 2 eggshell shapes along the sides so that you can slide the chick into the egg. This allows a child to bring the timid little chick in and out of its shell!... Bravo, Titouan, for hatching this lovely design!
Here's a craft design to cut out and glue in order to make a hen basket:
easter hen and eggs basket craft design
easter hen basket craft design and coloring page
Using the template, cut out two copies of the hen in a piece of thick cardboard. Color in the hen's comb, beak and eye. Glue feathers, (running in the same direction!) onto the two copies. Staple the two copies together (leave the bottom part of the body unstapled), so that you can slide in some straw to make a nice warm nest for the eggs that you'll put there.