New 'Happy Easter' cards

Here we'll show you how to make a card using Magic Motif glue shapes dots®,for Easter.
Magic Motifs help you create an easy and fun decoration where you get to choose the color and material you'll use to cover these adhesive designs : "Magic" is certainly the word that comes to mind when at the end you discover the design exactly the way you wanted it!
Kids love this activity, but it also lets Moms make some pretty good decorations too.

For Easter, we've chosen quite a range of colors - delicate colors, of course, but all with the same theme in mind - chocolate!
'Happy Easter' card
You will need :

  • Three sheets of card : Brown, straw yellow and pink
  • A sheet of Easter Magic Motifs (Glue-Dots)
  • Two velvet-feel Magic Motifs 'Pastel Flock' sheets in pink and blue
Tools needed :

  • A paper guillotine
  • "Deckle" or "Rockies" Paper shapers
  • A Fiskars® shape cutter for cutting round edged squares.

Card sticking and cutting, step 1 Step 1

Cut out a card using the guillotine. Also using the guillotine, mark out the fold. The back fold of the card should jut out about half an inch past the front so that you can write "Happy Easter" down it.
Cut a window in the front of the card using the round edged square shape cutter.
Cutting with the shape cutter
Cutting with the shape cutter Step 2

Cut out the same shape in the yellow card. Keep the piece left over after the cutting and cut all the way round it using the paper shapers. Stick this shape to "frame" the window in the card. With the shape cutters, cut out the same square in the pink sheet, and cut out a slightly smaller version of this shape in the brown sheet.
How to use the Magic Motifs to get that 'velvet' look
Glue Dots Magic MotifsCut out (roughly) the design you've chosen from the Magic Motifs sheet.
Glue Dots Magic Motifs Take off the protective film and place the design on the desired area. Press down hard all over the design. Take off the transparent film.
Glue Dots Magic MotifsThe design, (the drawing is actually in glue), is now ready to be decorated.
Different materials can be used, e.g sequins, sand. We've chosen a 'Pastel Flock' transfers sheet. The velvet-look goes well with the delicate Easter colors and designs.
Glue Dots Magic MotifsSimply place the Flock sheet on top of the design (the velvety side against the design) and rub gently with the wood stick provided. Lift the Flock sheet, magic! !
Easter cards with Magic Motif Step 3
Using this same technique, place a blue velvet egg design on the mini yellow card, a different egg design in pink velvet on the brown mini card, which itself is to be placed on a pink mini card. Finally, you can place a "Happy Easter" message in pink velvet down the right hand border of the card.
Easter cards with Magic Motif Step 4

A "rabbit and egg" design can then be placed on the inside of the card, where it can be seen through the card "window".
For that touch of originality. The rabbit is in blue velvet and the egg in pink velvet! You just have to carefully set the Flock sheet onto the design to finish the job.
Easter cards with Magic Motif
making a card step 5 Step 5

Finishing touches...

A little egg is placed on either side of the window.

Then, to add some depth and a little pink, stick a little satin ribbon to the center of the card using a Glue Dot Craft foam pad .

Glue Dot R
And there you have a "Happy Easter" card that'll give you a real appetite for chocolate!