Painting on a deep canvas frame with moldings

Here is an example of painting on a deep canvas frame with cracked-effect moldings, which requires only a little skill in the art of painting, this is an example that's easy to make, which combines painting and the paper napkin applique technique. Here are a few useful hints worth knowing...
Painting on a deep canvas frame
Painting  a deep canvas frame
The deep canvas frame we've chosen features some pretty moldings and is characterised by a cracked effect along its edges. This is very useful, as this cracked effect is often difficult to recreate. If you use a free-running paint, the cracks will remain visible, creating a beautiful effect. It is even possible to create effects using different colors by applying a first coat of paint in a color that contrasts with the final coat, which is applied to the surface without coloring in the cracks.
Painting in gradations of color on deep canvas frame
The deep canvas frame is painted all over with different shades of the same color so that the center is lighter in color, which will emphasize the design on the paper napkin.
chassis-3d-serviette.jpg (9 632 bytes)
The design is very carefully cut out from the napkin using small pointed-tip scissors. Only the first layer of paper is retained.  Using the glossy spray adhesive, glue is applied to the back of the design. The spray is practical in that it's easy to place the pattern in the right position and even to peel it off and reposition it without tearing the pattern.
In order for the paper napkin design to transfer successfully onto the canvas, liquid glossy glue/varnish is applied to the pattern (this also allows you to smoothe the rougher border at the napkin's edge).

The whole picture can now be coated with a finish so that the colors of the napkin design and the paint blend in together even better.