Painting a mini beach bag

Personalize a make-up bag with which to bring all you need for the beach. This bag has a tropical flower design in warm Summery colors...
 personalized mini beach bag

Tools and materials

  • a simple cotton bag with an inner pocket for convenience's sake once you're on the beach...
  • a black felt-tip pen for fabric
  • fabric paint in a bottle
    We've used the basic colors from the Javana Tex Sunny brand (air-drying, washable up to 140F°): carmine, lemon, dark brown.
  • a fine-tipped paintbrush
  • 2 bottles of Diam's 3D/puff paint in gold and chocolate brown
A crab lucky charm jewelry in matching colors is perfect for this mini beach bag...

Draw the outlines

Drawing the tropical flowers
Tip: to make sure the paint holds well to the fabric, before you start personalizing the bag, it's best to wash and iron it well to get rid of any finish (e.g sizing finish). First, using a fine-tipped felt pen for fabric, draw on the outlines of flowers and any words, drawing differently-sized flowers on the surface of the bag.
make-up bag design
The flowers and words are drawn freehand. To draw a flower: first draw the flower center (a wavy circle), then add 5 big petals, and finally, inside each petal, a smaller, equally wavy petal).


painting on the fabric of the bag
Apply the paint with the paintbrush. In order to get the different shades you want for the flowers and painted words using only 3 colors to start with,  you'll have to put a little bit of each color into a small plate and load your brush with 2 different colors at the same time, then paint using delicate brush movements.

3D-effect painting

 3D/puff paint on bag motifs
Once the paint is dry to the touch, to give a 3D-effect to the design, go over the outlines of the design again in 3D/puff paint: use gold for the flower centers,  chocolate on all the other outlines. To see the guidelines for using 3D/puff paint in a bottle, go to the page marked 'Personalizing a tshirt for the Summer'. Lay out flat to dry for 72 hours before bringing your make-up bag (or whatever else you use it for) to the beach or the swimming pool...
painted flower with 3D paint outline
Mini beach bag for the Summer