customizing a pair of espadrilles for the summer

Make your own pair of espadrilles for the Summer, that's the challenge behind this tailor-made project! The design takes its inspiration from the Seventies with its big flowers motif, albeit updated with a subtle rhinestone decor. There are 2 versions of this customized design: a countryside look that is simply painted, or else an evening wear option, with Swarovski rhinestones.
customizing a pair of espadrilles for the summer


materials for customizing espadrilles

The drawing and painting stage

Drawing flowers on canvas shoes
Draw directly on canvas shoes, using a gray pencil to create seventies style flowers with 5 big petals.
Painting the canvas surface of the espadrilles
Start by painting the heart and the petals of two big flowers, using the liquid khaki-colored paint (do not add water and use a fine-tipped paintbrush). So as to apply the paint from the tube exactly where you want it, it's best to pour a little paint into a bowl and apply this paint (which has a gel-like look) using the fine-tipped paintbrush. Paint the outline of the big flower, the center of the other flower and the petals of the cut flower a metallic shade, with plently of bright silver highlights. Use a lustrous green to paint the center of the big flower, the outline of the petals of the second big flower and the outline of the third, partially cut-off flower. Use the khaki paint to make the outline of the partially cut-off flower stand out.
Painting the side of the shoes
Paint a wide strip of khaki paint, on the side of the shoes, with a wider, curved strip at the back. Make this strip stand out with a thin line of metallic-colored paint (apply directly from the tube this time) 0.2-0.25 inches above the khaki strip.

These big painted flowers really give this a back-to-nature feel!
Espadrilles with painted flower design

The rhinestone stage

Fixing rhinestones to a pair of espadrilles
Heat the hotfix electric applicator tool for rhinestones, using the SS16 nozzle. Push a cylindrical object down into the toe of the espadrille, which will act as a rigid surface against which to fix the rhinestones. As soon as the tool is hot, take one of the SS16 Crystal ab rhinestones on your work table (crystal face upwards) with the tool nozzle, turn the applicator upside down and watch as a kind of foam forms as the glue heats. Turn the applicator over gently and place the rhinestone where you want it to go, pressing lightly against the canvas shoe (the object placed inside will give you something to press against - above all, don't put your fingers on the inside of the canvas, it's very hot!). Keep on like this, placing rhinestones in curving lines, like stems linking the flowers together. If you have enough practice at it, you don't need to change nozzles in order to placer the 6 remaining Olivine rhinestones, which have a bigger diameter. The SS16 nozzle will apply a few SS20 rhinestones without any difficulties. Otherwise, you'll have to unplug the tool to let it cool down if you want to change the nozzle.
Customized canvas espadrilles
And here we have a pair of espadrilles, all ready to go out on the town with and dance the night away!