decorative crystal bead designs for new year's eve

It'll be crystal from top to toe (of your glasses) this New Year's Eve for you!

Bead decorations to match your dinner service and your table for all your festive meals: here are some very original-looking bow ties that you may 'tie' around the bottom of your glasses or around a rolled napkin...
decoration for glasses

Crystal bead decoration for glasses Here's a bow tie made entirely from crystal beads which you can 'tie' around the bottom of a glass.
bead decoration for red Christmas dinner table
Take a length of brass wire, 32 inches long, thread on eighteen 4mm faceted beads (here we're using Siam Gold beads)
Using brass wire means that we can make a shape out of the knot we tie.

Thread the 2 ends of the wire through a 14mm Rivoli Swarovski rhinestone setting (here in Topaz amber): the shorter length should be 4.7 to 5.9 inches long.
Take the longer length and create a symetrically identical loop and thread the wire back through the setting.
bead bow tie for a red Christmas dinner table
Thread on 6 to 8 faceted beads onto each end of the wire and finish by bringing the wire back on itself using fine-tipped round nose or snub-nosed pliers (using the wire wrapping technique).
The bow can now be tied to the glass with a piece of brass wire wrapped around the bottom of the glass and simply hooked together at its two ends.
bead decoration for silver Christmas dinner table
Here we're making a bow tie with crystal and silver faceted beads, a silver setting, a Rivoli Black Diamond rhinestone and thin gauge silver wire (28G).
hanging Christmas decorations made from beads
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