Helpful hints for cross stitch embroidery

Cross stitch embroidery Cross stitch embroidery Cross stitch embroidery

To create something more original, replace a few of the cross stitches with seed beads for extra texture and shine

To hang a frame with making a hole with a nail, (on a door for example) use double sided stickers coated with transparent nail polish. That really holds!

To hang a linen embroidery straight and taut, draw a thread that follows the dimensions of the cardstock on which the work is to be hung, from each of the four sides of the embroidery. Then you simply have to fix it by joining the drawn threads to the cardstock sides.

When unpicking a darker color, to get rid of the colored fluff that sticks to the fabric, there's nothing like an old toothbrush to gently brush away at the fabric...

A hint from grandma to stop bright colors running when washed : before laundering, plunge your article in cold water with regular vinegar added to fix the colors, then wash as normal. When rinsing afterwards, add a little more vinegar.A tip from Irène, Valenciennes

To get rid of the static electricity that makes threads coil back on themselves, try passing the thread, after the needle's been threaded, through dryer sheets

If you'd like to share a few of your own embroidery hints, we'd be happy to publish them in this section.