Elephant coat rack

Blue elephant
This elephant design coat rack is designed for a child's bedroom, where a coat rack is always useful...

How to make this coat rack

I draw out the design, then copy it onto tracing paper.
I then took a piece of plywood, to which I had applied one coat of varnish in order to prevent the wood from absorbing too much of the first coat of paint.
Using my sheet of tracing paper, I reproduced the elephant design on the wood then started on the painting (acrylic paint).
The elephant, the sun and the plant are cut out and painted separately.

Afterwards, I glued them to the background of the design, which creates a 3D-effect. Once the paint had dried, I went round all the outlines with felt-tip pens in different colors. I applied a coat of varnish, which will allow me to clean the design and will prevent its colors from fading. I just have to add 2 hooks to the back and screw on the coat pegs.

Children will be more likely to hang up their pajamas or other clothes themselves if they have a rack specially made for them