Our Christmas stencils

Stencils are Christmas decorating items you can't do without. Decorating your windowpanes with spray-on snow is the easiest way of using stencils. These stencil designs may also be used to make Christmas greetings cards in the scrapbooking style or using the tone on tone method for Home decoration-type pictures, or even as shape templates for wooden objects.

Stencils to create classic designs

Angel and trumpet, Christmas Sleigh, "The gingerbread man"... Cutie pie designs!
Christmas angel with trumpet stencil
Angel with trumpet
Christmas sleigh and horse
Horse pulling a Christmas sleigh
Christmas gingerbread man template
The gingerbread man

Christmas stars in all shapes and sizes

4 or 5 point stars, or even more: the sun itself!

double 5-pointed star
Double star to color in
stencil for a stretched/elongated star
Star to color in
star with curved points
Curved star

4-point star stencil
Star stencil
8-point star stencil
8-point star
Thin 8-point Christmas star stencil
Evening star
Sun shaped stencil

A selection of different Christmas stencils

gifts ribbons and santa hat
Gifts and ribbons
rounded star shapes
Rounded stars