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Masks to print out and color in

Fancy dress mask
Vital elements in any fancy dress outfit, masks add a personal, yet mysterious touch, since you can play hide and seek behind that mask of yours - just like the courtiers in the royal palaces did behind their eye masks...
Here are some children's masks to be printed out and then colored in. You can decorate them by sticking on glitter, feathers or stickers... (our masks are sized especially for children aged between 5 and 10). Email us the photos of what your kids have made, we'll be delighted to publish them, together with your children's first names and ages.
To print out the masks, click on the one you like. You can then print it out.
Cat mask to print out
Cat mask
Kids Carnival eye mask
Child's eye mask
Carnival eye mask
Eye mask for an older child
mask to print out
Mask with star design
fairy mask
A fairy mask