carded wool: techniques and designs to try out

Designs in carded wool
Felting carded wool allows you to create or customize unique, stylish accessories such as scarves, handbags, jewelry and other items of clothing.  Why not combine wool with beads or embroidered or sewn-on details? This is an easy, fun craft technique that is not very far removed from painting in some respects, in that the wool's fibers are tangled together and shaped using little barbed needles, allowing you to create a wide variety of looks


Carded wool starter kit
Carded wool: this is wool that hasn't changed been turned into thread. It is sold in skeins of wool ranging from 0.07 to 17.6 oz, in a whole range of colors. Smaller pieces of wool are taken from these skeins.
For this method, you will need:
  • felting needles: These are special needles equipped with little barbs that enable you to tangle the wool fibers together.
    It's important to hold the needle straight to ensure it doesn't break.
  • felt needle holders:
    They're not vital, but they make it easier to hold the needle properly. There are multi-needle needle holders for when you want to felt larger items.
  • a needle felting pad, in foam, if possible.

Craft method

The method of dry felting is explained in detail in the description of how to make a flower brooch in carded wool, for a ring made from needle-punched carded wool.