making a ring in needle-punched carded wool

An unusual flower ring in carded wool...

You will need

carded wool flower ring
  • Fern green felting wool
  • Black felting wool
  • Felting needle
  • Needle felting foam pad.

Making the petals (1)

Needle-punching wool
Take three thick pieces of  fern green wool, 3.9 inches long, (photo 1). Place them in a star shape on the foam pad (photo 2) Then needle punch the spot where the 3 pieces come together (photo 3).

Making the petals (2)

Making the flower's petals
Fold back the end of a petal to the center of the flower (photo 1) and needle-punch it along its entire length. Fold back all the petals in the same way (photo 2). Turn the flower over and needle-punch it all over (photo 3).

Making the band of the ring (1)

Band of the ring in carded wool
Take a 3.9 inch long piece of wool (photo1) Needle-punch it over its full length (photo 2) so as to make a good, hard sausage-shaped piece of wool (photo3).

Making the band of the ring (2)

Finish the ring and ring band
Choose the correct finger size for the sausage-shaped piece of wool  (photo 1) Once that's done, needle-punch the sausage-shaped piece of wool to make the ring band (photo 2). Needle-punch the ring band all over to harden the wool (photo 3). Needle-punch the completed ring band to the underside of the flower (photo 4).

Making the center of the flower

The center of the flower in black carded wool
Take a thick piece of black wool, about the size of a walnut. (photo 1). Work at it until you have a ball. Fix the ball to the petal by vigorously needle-punching all the way round the ball (photo 2).