Bead necklace pattern

The artistic anarchy of the twists and turns of a twist necklace or ring is what makes these pieces so attractive...yet to make them demands an organized pattern that has to be repeated until you have the desired length of jewelry.

The necklace we're showing you can be made with seed or glass beads, adding in a few Swarovski ® beads and bigger beads that will give some more 'body' to the whole.
The necklace below was made by our "Jewelry and beads" web shop designor.
Bead rings
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To begin, take two 40 inch lengths of brass wire and twist them together at their middle point. Then start threading on beads, after each time you've threaded some, twist the wires together again. Take care to always twist whichever piece of wire is longest.
Bead rings

Bead rings

Bead rings
Click on the photo for a bigger picture.
  • Thread on a big blue bead : one wire goes through the bead, the other wire passes beside the bead then rejoins the first wire. Twist together.
  • Make a good, round loop with seven purple seed beads and twist together again with the other wire.
  • Make a triangle with three tube beads then twist the wires together again.
  • Thread a round purple/speckled blue bead and twist the wires together immediately after.
  • Thread five golden beads on each wire, form a circle with the two wires, then twist together.
  • Form a triangle shape with one wire, thread three large beads round it and twist with the other wire.
  • Thread a medium-sized blue bead, twist together immediately.

And so on and so forth...
To end : Bend the necklace to create a 3D (not flat) zig-zag effect.
To finish off, wrap two lengths of nylon thread loosely round the whole necklace, to emphasize the faux-untidy look of the necklace.

Don't forget about : the bead ring...for the same twisted effect...

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