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Behind this word is a home-grown passion combining craft activities and photography.

scrapbooking and card-making

Scrapbooking means displaying your photos in a creative way to show them in their best light. Colors, shapes, materials ally with your photos to create unique albums that will be a real pleasure to look at and share.

This theme is developed in this site to answer the questions and requests sent to us :

Scrapbooking and card-making

scrapbooking invitation cards Scrapbooking techniques are also useful in making invitation cards for birthdays, dinner parties, invitations...
Let's begin in scrap cards (without buying expansive materials) with these DIY cards from the french webshop Mots de Papier : you will receive all the necessary components and be able to stick by youselves a nice scrap card. You can even ask to personnalise the card's title for instance.

'Paper naping applique' also offers possibilities for DIY 3D cards.

Stencils and templates

Discover our stencils and cut-out templates, very useful for scrapboking...

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